Monday, 7 July 2008

quick update

I just got the green light from my supervisor for the new project.
The new abstract/proposal/introduction will be coming soon.

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Anonymous said...

Alright beardmonster, here's that quote that I mentioned. It's on that particular part of the Theologico-Political Fragment that you cited in the previous post:

...the text from which I quoted, the "Theologico-Political Fragment" ends up on the word "nihilism" and mentions nihilism as such. One could say, with all kinds of precautions, and in the right company, and with all kinds of reservations, that -and I think that's a very small company- that Benjamin's concept of history is nihilistic. Which would have to be understood as a very positive statement about it.
de Man, "The Task of the Translator", The Resistance to Theory, 103